About Us

Antipodes means the location directly on the opposite side of the globe.
Team Antipodes
is a girls robotics team headquartered in Pacifica, California, USA, but dedicated to collaboration with similar teams from around the globe.
In the team's inaugural year, the girls were encouraged to collaborate with other teams, and they decided to reach out as far as they could, receiving enthusiastic responses from Teams in Melbourne, Sidney, Perth, Canberra, and Hobart.  In the age of Skype, making new friends 12,000 miles away and collaborating with them regularly is easy, except for little things like time zones and different school calendars.
The girls had a very successful 2009/2010 FLL season, scoring numerous, perfect 400 point runs with their robot, TOR (The One Robot), placing 3rd in the Northern California Regional Championships, and advancing to the European Open Championships in Istanbul, Turkey.
Over the following summer, they built a dual-robot caterpillar and brought it with them to Hobart, Tasmania for incorporation into their sister team's (Robosquad United's) Robocup Junior Senior Dance Theatre routine.  There, they won the Australian National Championships in Canberra, spent a semester as foreign exchange students, and won the Tasmanian State FLL championships.
Spending the fall in Tasmania meant missing the entire Northern California 2010-11 FTC season, so they took their rookie FTC robot to Denver and won the Colorado State championships, advancing to the World Championships in St. Louis.
After winning their qualifying tournament in 2011-12, they took 2nd Place at the Northern California FTC Championships, and returned to St. Louis where they were named 2012 FTC Robot Design World Champions.
Kjersti and Violet decided to forgoe their senior year of competition to ensure there was a sustainable robotics program at their high school, Terra Nova, after they left for college.  They started and mentored two new teams, one of which, 6002 Basilisks, won the Northern California State Championships, and made it to the quarterfinals of the 2013 FTC World Championships.  
This website is dedicated to sharing Antipodes news, lessons learned, and research.  Much effort has been put into the site to document their experiences so that others can more easily follow in their footsteps.

Kjersti: Manufacturing and Lead CAD modeller

   Emma:  Lead Programmer
   Violet:  Lead Mechanical Design & Construction
   Lizzy:  Robotics Exchange Student (Fall 2011)
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