Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an after school environment, resources and mentorship for high school students to take on the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC).  FTC requires each team to design and build a robot over the course of nearly half a year in order to compete in qualifying and championship tournaments.  Students...

…gain experience in computer programming, building, teamwork, and mechanical design, including Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing.

…apply their abstract science and math knowledge to physical devices of their own design, returning students to their classrooms inspired with an enhanced appreciation for their formal education and a better idea of what they’d like to study after graduation.

…experience the pride of making something that is difficult, impressive, and requires significant planning.

…are expected to take on one of the team’s leadership roles.

…are required to give brief and detailed technical descriptions of their work to experts, media and the public of all ages.

Students are also dedicated to reach out to the local, regional and world-wide communities, promoting student robotics and STEM in general.  This occurs informally all the time, and formally at numerous demonstrations and presentations year-round.

Team members are expected to behave maturely and comport themselves with “gracious professionalism” (as defined by FIRST) in all their interactions.

The program was founded as an all-girl team, and has consistently remained majority-girl, but has grown in diversity due to its non-discriminatory membership policy.