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2012  FTC Northern California 2nd Place
2012  FTC Robot Design World Champions
2013  FTC Northern California Champions
2013  Bay Area Maker Faire Blue Ribbon (Maglev Project)
2013  Autodesk Inventor of the Month (April)
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2014  FTC Robot Design Western US Champions
2015  FTC Northern California Champions
2015  FTC Western US 3rd Place
2015  FTC Promote World Champions

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Basilisks Win Promote Award at 2015 FTC World Championships
Terra Nova (Basilisks, 6002) was placed in the Edison Division for the 5th straight year.  Despite the robot working flawlessly the entire week, and their #1 ranking by FTCstats.org going into their Edison qualification matches, bad luck plagued the Basilisks in too many matches.

Basilisks (FTC 6002) 2015 Edison Division Match Results

5.    Lost    636-612
20.   Lost    568-322
35.  Won  587-473
55.  Won 543-317
79.  Won  368-336
94.  Lost  467-367
105.  Lost 548-339
118.  Lost  536-268
132.  Won  450-238

6002 Basilisks 2015 World Championships Promote Video Winner

Promote Award Announcement at 2015 World Championships Awards Ceremony (actual Promote Video is low quality and missing opening audio.  See link above for actual video submission.)

6002 Basilisks 2015 Robot Design Animation

Basilisks Take 3rd at 2015 FTC Western US Championships
Terra Nova (Basilisks, 6002) was the second highest-ranked Gold Division team after the qualifying rounds, and ultimately took 3rd place overall (Inspire Award).  This advances them to the World Championships in April for the 6th straight year.

 Match Record:

 1:  Win 642-172
 2:  Win 503-426
 3:  Win 695-305
 4:  Win 566-90
 5:  Lost 583-399
 6:  Win 574-487
 7:  Win 302-60
 8:  Lost 573-510
 9:  Win 635-140

 Lost in Quarterfinals

Basilisks Sweep 2015 FTC Northern California Championships
Terra Nova (Basilisks, 6002) swept both the Inspire Award (overall winner) and were captains of the Winning Alliance at the 2015 FTC Northern California Championships.  This advances them to the Western US Championships in March.

Basilisks Have Winning Record at 2014 FTC World Championships
Terra Nova (Basilisks, 6002) advanced to the FTC World Championships for the 4th straight year, this year as Western US Robot Design Champions and Northern California State Runners-Up.  The Basilisks were randomly assigned a favorable match schedule, but a set of electrical and programming problems lost them 2 matches and incapacitated partners lost them another 2.  The wins and losses came in pairs, raising hopes then lowering them throughout the 4 day tournament.  Still, Terra Nova should be proud of their winning 5-4 record, and their double infrared block and full bridge score for 100-solo points in match 17's autonomous period and the more important perfect 120-point autonomous alliance score.
Basilisks (FTC 6002) 2014 Edison Division Match Results
9.        Won    208-181
17.      Won    174-33
35.      Lost    273-346
49.      Lost    177-236
69.      Won    348-307
82.      Won    220-81
102.    Lost    154-193
121.    Lost    200-244
135.    Won    289-247
6002 Basilisks at the 2014 FTC World Championships

6002 Basilisks 2014 Robot Design Animation

6002 Basilisks 2014 FTC World Championships Promote Award Submission

6002 Basilisks with Cougar Robotics at 2014 FTC World Championships - Match 69 Autonomous

6002 Basilisks with Cougar Robotics at 2014 FTC World Championships - Match 69 Teleop
Not a great Teleop period for 6002, but a nice double-hang...

6002 Basilisks at the 2014 FTC Western US Super-Regionals

Terra Nova Robotics featured in the Edutopia film series "Is School Enough?"

RobotC's Video interview with Terra Nova Robotics mentors Violet Replicon and Kjersti Chippindale at the 2013 FTC World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri

Terra Nova Becomes First Northern California team to Captain Alliance at FTC World Championships
(At least we think so.  If anyone knows differently, please tell us)
Terra Nova (the Basilisks) advances to the FTC World Championships for the 3rd straight year, this year as Northern California State Champions.  The Basilisks were briefly in 1st place (out of 64) after their qualification matches, but fall to 3rd place after all teams competed.  When #1 chose #2 to be alliance partners for the quarterfinals, Terra Nova chose Combustible Lemons and N.U.T.S. to join their now second-seeded alliance.  Combustible Lemons tried their hardest to get their malfunctioning robot working, but couldn't, eliminating the alliance after just 2 matches.  Their 3rd place Edison Division finish put the rookie team in the 99.8th percentile of the close to 3,000 teams that competed this year.
Basilisks (FTC 6002) 2013 Edison Division Match Results
15.      Won 200-141
26.      Won 90-80
37.      Won 300-87
64.      Loss  30-160
78.      Tie 210-210
91.      Won 177-0
101.    Won 105-64
115.    Won 177-160
Teleop period from Terra Nova team Basilisks' fifth match with alliance partner Combustible Lemons.  This match was a 210-210 draw.
The team shows up about the middle of this RobotC recap from the World Championships, and the robot and CAD animation are shown back-to-back about 3 quarters of the way through.

(Click on the title above to read Autodesk's press release)
Above are the Lemon Drops' and Basilisks' CAD design models animated to demonstrate how the actual robots function on the field.
(Click on the title above to read Autodesk's press release)
Terra Nova Team 6002, The Basilisks, Win 2013 Northern California State Championships, Advance to World Championships
The Basilisks won their first 4 matches, extending their winning streak from the Elk Grove Qualifier to 13 matches.  They lost their 5th match, but had the 4th highest Ranking Points of any team in the world this year.  That made them the second seed going into Alliance selection.  They chose the Robo Knights (FTC 5220) and Topsy Turvey (5818) to be their alliance partners.  The Basilisk Alliance lost the first semifinal, but followed up with 2 strong matches with their backs to the wall.  The Basilisks won their first Final match, but dropped the second.  The third match win made them Northern California State Champions and advanced them to the World Championships in St. Louis. 
Above are photos from the tournament.
Above is the Teleop Period from the Basilisks' 3rd finals match.  The Basilisk Alliance scores eight rings on the top pegs, three rings on the middle pegs, two rings on the bottom pegs and six Tic-Tac-Toes, only one peg away from a "Black-Out".   They win the match 342-151, becoming Captains of the Northern California Winning Alliance and advancing to the World Championships.
Terra Nova Teams Up to Win Elk Grove FTC Ring-It-Up Qualifier
Terra Nova Team Basilisks (6002) went undefeated at the Elk Grove, California Qualifier, advancing to the Northern California FTC Championships February 24 at Newark Memorial High School in Newark, CA.  They teamed up with their alliance selection, Terra Nova Team Lemon Drops (6001) to win both Semi-Finals and Finals matches.  The Lemon Drops were the PTC Robot Design Award Winners and the Basilisks were the Rockwell Collins Innovation Award Winner.
Above is the Autonomous Period from the 2nd Finals Match.  The Basilisks score the top IR peg for a 65-0 lead going into Teleop.
Above is the Teleop Period from the 2nd Semi-Finals Match.