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FTC Parts

Please see the FTC Game Manual, Part 1 for which robot parts are legal.

Tetrix Parts are nearly all legal for FTC. Pitsco makes Tetrix parts. The link at left includes heavy discounts for registered FTC teams for most items.  If you go straight to the LEGO Education site YOU WILL NOT GET THE TEAM DISCOUNT.


HiTechnic has many sensors, beacons, multiplexers, prototyping boards, etc. that are legal for FTC

LEGO Education

LEGO Education has the Mindstorms Bricks, and some LEGO parts in larger quantities that might be helpful. Nearly all LEGO parts are legal for FTC.


Nearly all LEGO parts are legal for FTC. LEGO Pick-A-Brick is a great place to buy individual LEGO pieces. You need however to know one of the sets that the LEGO part came from.


McMaster-Carr has a vast array of parts, many of which are legal for FTC.

Online Metals

OnLine Metals carries many metal sheet and shapes that are legal materials for FTC.

US Plastics

US Plastics has many plastic sheets, tubes, and raw stock that are legal for FTC.


Enco has a large catalog of tools and tooling at good prices and extremely fast delivery. We for instance get our end mills from Enco.