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FTC Budgeting Tool

Screen shot of Terra Nova's FTC budgeting tool.

This tool is great for team budgeting, planning purchases, grant applications, and your team Business Plan.
The attached Excel spreadsheet includes the following:
  • Current parts and team-discounted prices up to the date included in the spreadsheet filename.
  • All Tetrix parts applicable to FTC.
  • Certain useful Tetrix tools, such as hex wrenches, chain brakers and tube cutters.
  • Key HiTechnic Parts applicable to FTC.such as Sensor Multiplexers and Prototyping Boards.
  • 3 budget templates built into the spreadsheets.  The complexity levels determine the number of parts included in each budget, and hence different total costs for the season:
    • teams building a simple robot
    • teams building an average robot
    • teams building a complex robot.
    • and of course the orange column for your parts estimates for your robot.
  • Miscellaneous factors such as part failures, redesign, mistakes, etc. 
  • Places to enter one-time costs such as laptops.
  • Places to enter tool, travel and administrative costs
  • FIRST team registration cost and tournament fees built-in
  • Sub-totals for taxable and non-taxable items  
Most of the spreadsheet is built to automatically calculate costs based on the quantities of parts you estimate for your robot.
Don't be afraid to contact us if you have questions, comments, or see errors that we can correct.
Terra Nova Robotics,
Sep 7, 2013, 10:05 AM