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Free Online Engineering Log

Above:  Screenshot from our Online Engineering Log at www.ftcEngineering.org
Below:  Online Engineering Log presentation given at 2013 NorCal FTC Kickoff

This is a free online FTC Engineering Log/Notebook located at www.ftcEngineering.org.  It was originally created by the retired FTC team, the TechnoGuards, and is now managed by Terra Nova Robotics.

World Championship Awards
  • This online tool was used by the TechnoGuards when they won the Innovation Award at the 2010 FTC World Championships.
  • This online tool was used by the Terra Nova Robotics team, Antipodes, when they won the Robot Design Award at the 2012 FTC World Championships.
  1. On the home page of www.ftcEngineering.org create a username and password for your team administrator
  2. Request a new Log
  3. Create Log Entries
  4. Option 1:  Print using the PrinterFriendlyVersion of entries and save as PDF for online publication.
  5. Option 2:  Print to PDF using the PrinterFriendlyVersion of pages then cut and paste into another program such as Word if you'd like to format differently, add page numbers, spell check, etc., then hard copy print your word document