Facilities Needs

  • (4 to 6) desktop computers (programming and website)
  • (4) Work Tables at approximately 6' x 2.5' or greater.  Height ideally would be 36" high.
  • (16) stools for worktables
  • (8) chairs for back counter (programming, CAD and website)
  • ? More Internet cables (RJ-45) + cables for any JUHSD computers for the team (one of the cables provided this weekend was cut nearly in half)
  • Working Clock
Looking for donations of these:
  • (2) Heavy-Duty extension cords, approximately 25-feet
  • Projector:  Looking for a permanent solution.  (We use this every meeting.  incredibly valuable for working in groups and presenting to the entire team.  4 people, for instance, can work on one program or CAD model at the same time by viewing the screen and describing thoughts, code, design to the operator.  The current projector could get reallocated at any time.  Robotics is below the priority of every curriculum need.)
  • Push pins for posting robot rules, etc.
  • A long list of hand and power tools (we basically have nothing at the moment)