Weight Management

The robot complexity of previous year's robots had resulted in weight increases to the point that Swervie weighed over 55 pounds.  On small FTC fields where quickness to outmaneuver opponents is more important than top speed, managing robot mass is critical.  A weight budget for 6y was created at the beginning of the year and every part was weighed throughout development, often influencing part choice, or lightweighting of CAM parts.  Finite Element Analysis (FEA), using our Autodesk Inventor CAD models, was critical to designing the lightest possible parts before milling them using Autodesk Inventor HSM on our CNC milling machine.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to optimize the weight for all CAM parts milled with Autodesk Inventor HSM.

Here is the part after the first milling pass.

Every part of 6y was weighed to the nearest gram.